i’m not a yettie and i’m sure you’re not either. of course, we’re beyond categorization, but i’m sure you know one or two. they might even be some of your best friends. not that there’s anything wrong with that:

“Before I review “A Field Guide to the Yettie” I should first acknowledge that I cannot offer an objective critique. I am, after all, a “young entrepreneurial technocrat” — a “yettie” — myself. I write for an online
magazine; I own my fair share of midcentury modern furniture, as well as a soundtrack downloaded from the Web that runs heavily to electronica. Most important, I pass the ultimate yettie test: Although I’m not an extreme example of “an employee of an Internet company [who] cannot explain to my mother exactly what it is I do for a living,” my grandparents still can’t figure out what I do. I carry a cellphone, a Palm Pilot, an MP3 player and a bike messenger bag, drink lattes and shop vintage chic. I know what Unix is.”

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