i really wanted to like it. i really did. i was willing to forgive an imperfect browser. i was willing to give a little. so, i downloaded it. the short answer – while the out-of-the-box experience is nice, there’s a big freakin’ memory leak in the windoze binary. for christ’s sake, would somebody plug it, because it just about flooded my cube with bits of ram. jeeeeeezzzuuuuuuuusssssssssssssss! i don’t know it i can understand why the leak is so – well – gargantuous!. i’m bummed. it’s like walking around in a pool of cold molasses. and it’s really cold outside so the molasses just keeps getting thicker and thicker.

oh yeah, i can hear the smartass masses jeering – “well, just download the nightlies!”

i did. and while it is better than that piece of junk that was released yesterday, it still leaks and leaks and leaks and crashes. and i can’t post to blogger for god-only-knows-what-reason. jesus.

the only thing keeping me from switching to explorer, when i’m on a windows box, is not even the fact that it’s m$. it’s because i hate the fact that explorer forces me to alphabetize my bookmarks when i import them. i have a lot of bookmarks and it’s complicated. that’s it. that’s all that’s between me and explorer. forced alphabetization.

metafilter is conversing about n6 if i didn’t sway you.

i hope and pray the nightlies get better – faster.

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