after the hullaballoo surrounding netscape’s bugginess and general lack of standards compliance we get this follow-up from the author of the original piece:

“It appears that some readers have taken my article to mean that Navigator 6.0 will not comply with standards at all, or that Navigator 6.0 will be as noncompliant as Navigator 4.x. That is not the case. Netscape and Mozilla engineers deserve tremendous credit for creating a browser that has very good standards compliance. In fact, according to many who have studied it more throughly than I, Mozilla and Netscape 6 are more standards compliant than the competition. See, for example, Netscape Standards
Challenge. I regret that I did not make this more explicit and give more credit to the Mozilla and Netscape engineers in my original article.”

although maybe the engineers took something to heart since netscape was released and unreleased several days ago.

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