sigh. i guess there’s more to the carnivore story:

“Carnivore, the FBI’s controversial email snooping
program, is part of covert surveillance triad known inside
the bureau as the “DragonWare Suite”, according to
recently declassified documents. The documents also
outline how the DragonWare Suite is more than simply an
email snooping program: it’s capable of reconstructing the
Web surfing trail of someone under investigation.

According to an analysis of the declassified documents by
SecurityFocus, a California-based computer security firm,
the DragonWare Suite can “reconstruct Web pages
exactly as a surveillance target saw them while surfing the

“”DragonWare suite? What were they thinking?” house
majority leader Richard Armey (Republican, Texas) asked

my thoughts exactly. i’m sure it was only deployed in cases where it was really, really warranted. pun intended.

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