i downloaded m18 and i’m reasonable optimistic. well, at least the cup is getting close to being half-full.

the bad
haven’t goten java working. wierd javascript error message from moreover. chokes on ssl connections. funky ‘radiobox’ bug when trying to use “show posts containing” search box while using blogger.

the sort-of good
i seem to see more of a performance increase on nt and windows. haven’t tried linux or mac yet. i can honestly say that it seems to perform about as fast as the netscape 4.x browsers [yes, i know that isn’t saying much.] i actually like the ‘modern’ theme.

all-in-all, i can see progress – but nothing that is going to sway the massess to rush to adopt mozilla. and dammit, it’s not very exciting to say, “hey! check out the latest mozilla release! it’s about as fast as the netscape browsers!” sigh.

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