cool. the uber bookmarklet that happens to do in-situ html editing now has a home:

“This page is intended to serve as a public forum for exploring and extending my in-situ WYSIWYG web editor, written in JavaScript for the Internet Explorer 5 browser and DOM. An earlier version was featured in this article by BYTE columnist & web-groupware guru Jon Udell. (Thanks Jon!)

Here you’ll find the latest incarnation of the editor script and the JS bookmarklets to enable anyone using IE 5 to outfit their browser for instant, as-you-surf, rich content editing of any HTML document on the Web. The editor is embedded in this page, so you can Try It Now! – go ahead, give it a spin! – but only if you’re viewing the page with IE 5. Apologies to Netscape users; as NS 6 oozes its way into beta, I’m hoping to create a Mozilla & W3C-friendly cross-browser version.”

martha. i believe i’ve seen a glimpse of the future.

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