amen. i couldn’t have said it better myself:

“I think all this hooey is simply public self-expression. And it’s a good thing. If it makes you happy to call it a blog, go for it. You could call it a desk for all I care. Just keep doing it. I believe, now more that ever, that all this self-expression is going to change the world.

Haven’t you noticed? It already has. How many people do you know who you’ve never met? Or, how many people have you met online? How much has being online changed your perceptions and ideas? Where do you go when you need to connect with other people? How much of your time is spent conversing with people who aren’t in the same room with you? Where do you get your music? Your fun? Your ideas? Your … faith?

Now think about life before you got online. See the difference?

Put simply, expressing yourself online is a gift to the web, because it lets strangers see the world through your eyes, if only for a moment. And if we all did that a little more, I think the world would be a more tolerant place.”

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