MP3 Player, Detailed Information

sigh. i’d like to pretend that i had enough free time to actually build my own mp3 player:

“This project is a stand alone MP3 player, designed for home, car, or portable use. It plays a group of MP3 files stored on a standard or laptop IDE hard disk drive… hundreds of hours using even today’s low-cost drives. The firmware is available under the GPL, for anyone who want to really customize the player. High quality audio output is provided by a 24 bit DAC, using both standard line-level outputs and an amplified headphone output. The large capacity allows the use of very high MP3 quality settings, that would reduce flash based players to only a few songs. Because it’s a complete stand alone player usable in a variety of applications, you can have your entire MP3 music collection anywhere away from your computer. ”

just think of the home automation possibilities of playing with the mp3 player and the world’s tiniest webserver

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