good stuff:

“How could a Ralph Nader story be interesting? He has been turned into the national scold, just as I am referred to as a “gadfly.” I assume that’s because intellectual is too difficult a word to spell. He has been made the bore of all time. Even I, who quite admire him in some ways, find him very boring. But he’s not boring; he’s presented as a bore, as a nag. Seat belts! I’m here in New York, and every time I get into a
taxicab these voices come on that say “buckle up,” I think of Ralph Nader. Now this has destroyed him! You have made him the bore of all time.

It’s all about getting rid of anybody who wants change, and you create an aura about him. I’ve been demonized for 50 years, I’m aware of how it’s done.”

here’s the entire interview.

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