yup. it’s true. only uneducated yanks respect copyrights:

“As we’ve always suspected, the less time you spend in American schools, the more likely you are to hold on to some semblance of the civic morality which Nanny struggled to beat into your thick skull during your blissful years in the nursery.

Thus it comes as no surprise that forty-five per cent of US college graduates should believe that downloading copyrighted material without paying for it is not really stealing, whereas only twenty-five per cent of Americans who have not completed high school would agree, according to a new study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.”

hmmmm. So, What Size and Type of Font Should I Use on My Website?:

“By far the two most common types of fonts currently used on the Web are the serif font, Times New Roman (TNR) and the sans serif font, Arial. The question is, which one is more legible and at which size? In the past, it has been determined that serif fonts, which have ornamental strokes at the tip and base of each letter, are easier to read on paper than sans serif fonts, which do not have serifs. This is because it is believed that serifs help distinguished each individual letter (Albers, 1963). However, this benefit may be reduced or even eliminated on computer screens because of their display particularities, like poorer screen resolution and aliasing or “jaggies,” as it is commonly known.”

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kris found out why the dogs have been so preoccupied with the basement. apparently our ‘second freezer’ was unplugged by the friendly furnace cleaner man. he forgot to plug it back in. over a week
ago. i guess the dogs have been licking up the blood and goo that’s been leaking out of it for quite some time. no smarty pants. i didn’t kill my mother-in-law and stuff her in the freezer – that’s blood and goo from rotting steaks, hamburger, chickens, turkeys, 40 pounds of hotdogs i got on sale from somebody in wisconsin, something that looked like bad twinkies [can’t be possible], 8 pounds of fresh [sic] blueberries from michigan, 3 pounds of rhubarb from the garden, 6 pounds of bacon and 6 pounds of butter. do you know how damn expensive butter can be? i really don’t think you can imagine just how bad it smelled. too bad ismell isn’t shipping, because you really, really should experience this once in your life.

i can now honestly say that stinkymeat us a useful resource.