while i don’t want to appear to be taking flagrant, cheap shots at microsoft, i can’t resist linking to salon’s article on the risks of taking microsoft up on its attempt to tric…errr…entice consumers to adopt windows me :

“…the public should beware of geeks bearing gifts. Windows Me has some significant improvements, but for most users those improvements do not justify the pain and potential dangers they will face with this upgrade. Microsoft can lower the price of Windows Me and give it a few great features, but it can’t
fundamentally make Me a better operating system than Windows 95, because of underlying technical flaws with the whole Windows operating environment.

I know, because I spent more than a week struggling with a Windows Me upgrade before I gave up, reformatted my hard drive, installed a clean version of the operating system on my 550 MHz Pentium III desktop computer and reinstalled all of my applications. Now that my computer is finally operational
once again, I’m quite pleased with the results. But I doubt that other computer users will think that the new features are worth the hassle.”

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