well, shoot. i need to hang out in the blogger discussion groups more often. it looks like i can now do something useful with my cassiopeia because i think it’s a bit overqualified for it’s current role as glorified paperweight:

“So, imagine: you’re at the deli. You order a salami and turkey on a roll. The turkey? Perfectly moist. The salami? Wonderfully spicy. The roll? My gosh, it tastes just like a tender, sweet, soft pretzel! You have to blog this fine dining moment! But you’re at a deli! What do you do? What do you do?

Well, now you can whip out your handheld and blog away, my friend. The AvantGo Client for Blogger lets you do a handful of the same operations available to you on Blogger.com–
create, view, post, and publish. ”

[required explanatory aside – some may be surprised that i own a cassiopeia. “you?” i can hear you saying. “sweet jesus, man! you just landed in negativeland as far as credibility is concerned.” ” well, hah!” i say, ” it was f – r – e – e!”]

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