phew. finally some relatively good news for lefthanders:

“The most focused study of the issue can be found in the December, 1994, issue of the British Medical Journal (BMJ). The authors examined all first-class cricketers born before 1961 whose bowling hand was specified — 1,132 left-bankers, and 5,041 of the adroit. They concluded that “left-handedness is not, in general, associated with an increase in mortality.”

“Nevertheless, a troubling finding in the BMJ study showed that left-handedness was associated with an increased likelihood of deaths of a certain kind — those from unnatural causes. There was a 37% greater risk for such deaths among left-handers.”

i’m not sure about the whole “unatural causes” clause, though. in any case, any news is good news considering the spate of bad news related to my being unfortunate enough to be born both premature and lefthanded.

[via genehack]

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