ha! this bit on navigable maps of the web won’t be found on slashdot:

“Mapping the Web is a huge field that falls into two main pieces: maps that show us something interesting about the Web, and maps that help us navigate the Web. These two need not be essentially connected.”

“There will be many solutions to this problem, and which ones we like will have everything to do with our personal way of thinking and the type of problem we’re trying to solve at the moment. But navigable maps of Web sites clustered by relevancy to our interests are of unique important to the Web because the Web space is itself organized not by uniform units of distance but by *interest* itself. Distance, on the Web, is measured by irrelevance. Navigable maps capture this essential fact of our new world, and thus not only map Web distance but conquer it.”

and just in case you thought i was beating someone to the punch. don’t. because, i appropriated it from peterme.

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