almost forgot to throw the tivo article into the annotated bookmark bin. just pretend you didn’t see it when it first made the web rounds and you actually stop by here to get interesting stuff you can’t find anywhere else:

“The TiVo and Replay boxes represent the greatest leap of all. They accumulate, in atomic detail, a record of who watched what and when they watched it. Put the box in all 102 million American homes, and you get a pointillist portrait of the entire American television audience. And that raises the second and more disturbing question to which the TV industry must respond: what do you do when you actually know who is watching and why? Already, TiVo and Replay know what each of their users does every second, though both companies make a point of saying that they don’t actually dig into the data to find out who did what, that they only use it in the aggregate. Whatever. They know. ”

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