egads! wouldn’t you know it would take sunworld to do the hard hard muckraking on the lovebug and it’s broader implications:

“A journalist friend recently emailed a startling revelation. “I was looking for some deeper meaning in the last two major virus assaults,” he wrote. “Each one has seven letters and three vowels, and if you rearrange the letters, MELISSA and LOVE BUG spell: BIG VOLUME SALES.”

“I would like to be able to say with confidence that we’ve all learned a number of lessons and that the next virus will be barely a blip on the computer security radar. It would be nice to see more email clients
and operating systems come up with more protection for the end user. Despite Melissa and the Love Bug tearing through the Internet and showing us twice that we have some lessons to learn, we’re still
vulnerable in the two areas that the Love Bug used to propogate itself: shoddy, insecure software and human nature.”

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