the latest risks digest points out that netzero proves that being free always costs something:

“The “Terms and Conditions” you must accept to use the “free” NetZero service
include giving up your privacy among other “minor” things:

1) obligation on your part to fill out with real information all
questionnaires and survey forms they send;

2) allowing NetZero to learn your browsing habits by tracking all the websites
you visit and compile, sell and USE that information.
They say personal identifying info won’t be disclosed but just the simple
fact that they store it on their system where is available to anybody who
could lawfully or not access it, is a problem. Let alone they don’t exclude
themselves from using it so it is possible for them to target you directly.

3) you cannot disable cookies, bypass their ad program (meaning that you can’t
install firewalling software that would block the ad stream)

4) you allow them to alter your e-mail messages by adding advertising which
you cannot remove or obscure (not unusual);

5) the most ridiculous note is that the whole agreement can be changed at any
time by posting them on their website, and require you to check them every
time before you “use the service”, and not use it if you don’t agree. Let
alone the impossibility of this (how can you browse their website without
already being connected, thus using the service), it puts an unreasonable
burden on the user. How many will remember the original contract and check
the new one for differences, I doubt they would post a “diff” file there :-)”

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