i’m trying to think of a witty komodo comment, but i can’t – no matter, this komodo demands respect:

“ActiveState, a leading supplier of products and services supporting open source software, announced today that the company will use Mozilla software code as a cross platform development framework for Komodo, its Perl and Python integrated development environment (IDE).”

“ActiveState is building a Perl, Python and JavaScript integrated development environment (IDE) called Komodo. Komodo will use the Mozilla application framework and thus will have the benefit of being cross-platform and fully supportive of Windows and Linux amongst others. The IDE will offer features familiar to users of any modern IDE such as a rich language-aware editor, an interactive debugger and an interactive shell. The Komodo IDE source code will be freely available and will leverage Internet standards such as XML, CSS, RDF, FTP, WebDAV, and HTTP. This will make it easy for users to extend the IDE as well as learn how a complex Mozilla application is built.”

[via captain cursor]

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