for some reason reading about this lawsuit forced me to hum a few bars from salad days [ oh c’mon you remember irrirating your parents by looking sullen and playing minor threat >loudly<]. anyway - i think it was because both parties in the lawsuit claimed to be fighting for the mom, apple pie and the punk rock diy attitude...[which incidently, officially died after henry started showing up regularly on mtv]

“The original ideals of the band — that’s what Klaus, D.H. and myself were fighting for,” said East Bay Ray (born Ray Pepperell) after the decision.

Biafra (born Eric Boucher) claimed the suit was brought in part because he refused to license “Holiday in Cambodia” to Levi’s for an advertisement.

“They’re punishing me for sticking to the principles of the band and underground, independent culture,” he said.”

sing along with me…”do you remember when/yeah, so do i/you called those the, ah, salad days/i call them a lie”

[via eatonweb via saturn]

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