can’t remember where i found this comparison of rippers, but it points out an interesting tidbit or two:

Programs we forbid:

Anything, which uses the Xing codec to compress so AudioCatalyst is definitely out for compressing WAVs. Also Virtuoso Gold tends to make the MP3s screwy (?!?) or Real Player
Real Jukebox (uses the Xing codec). Why is this? Simple, because Xing has a nasty habit of killing off the ambiance of your source recording, therefore making the end MP3s
horrible to listen to. In a sense, it makes your high/low ends washed or warble, thereby it doesn’t sound as clean on a typical high-end stereo system. Also, apparently MusicMatch
Jukebox does use a form of the Fraunhoffer codec, but it also tends to ruin the MP3s when it compresses. User beware! ”

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