as someone who was born 3 months premature this article is interesting. i often forget just how fortunate i was, considering the fact that i was born in the dark ages of neonatal care (1972) and weighed-in at slightly under 2 pounds. so far, i’ve been lucky enough to not notice any effects:

“In one recent study of 150 teenagers who weighed 2 pounds or less at birth, nearly one-third had significant physical disorders, including cerebral palsy, blindness and deafness. Nearly half were receiving special education assistance, compared with 10 percent in a control group. But the study, February in the journal Pediatrics, also found that even those children with minor physical problems scored significantly lower on achievement tests than those in the control group.”

o.k. i’ll get it out of the way: <cheap joke>are you sure i didn’t see you on the short bus?</cheap joke>. anyway, this makes me want to try to make the most of life and remember to enjoy all those perfect moments. something tells me that i’ll forget all about it in the morning. hi. ho.

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