up until recently deapleap had been following the stealth marketing manifesto perfected by transmeta. however, now they are in ‘beta’ and attempt to describe what deapleap is:

“We’re here to introduce you to something incredibly cool – an online assistant that can help you out with whatever you’re doing, wherever you go on the Web. Deepleap is a free, Web-based application that provides simple, immediate access to content and services related

“When you’re looking at a word or a phrase on a Web page, or a Web site in general, you can use Deepleap to get additional relevant information, or save or email that information, without visiting dozens of other sites or launching multiple applications. Plus, you can do all sorts of fun and useful things like save items to a universal Wishlist, keep track of your Bookmarks from anywhere on the Web, do price comparisons, search any site… and of course there’s more – why would we stop there?”

it’s still a little vague – conjurs up visions of a souped-up alexa. deapleap CEO, Lane Becker, gives a little more detail on userland:

“…the reality, right now, is that we’ve built Deepleap as a *platform* for doing this sort of contextual relating between sites, and what we’re demonstrating with the beta is more the general concept. So if you pop up Deepleap on an Amazon.com product page, for example, it will give you a set of tools based around buying a product — comparison shopping, reading reviews, etc. Or if you highlight the name of a movie, and activate it, that will bring up a series of movie-related options, like getting movie times for your neighborhood, or checking for the soundtrack at Reel.com. Find a selection of text that you like — an interesting quote, maybe? Highlight it, save it to the Deepleap web site. Useful tools, when you need them.”

sounds interesting enough to bang it around. here’s the privacy policy.

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