oreillynet has started hosting blogs – tim’s looks sparse but promising, for example he writes about visiting mp3.com :

” They are deep into xml, think of their site as having an API (and in fact already have partners using that API to build services that use their site). They aren’t quite ready to have it documented, but they are definitely thinking ahead to the kind of next generation object web that Jon Udell talks about. And of course they are exactly the kind of company I’ve been looking for to study in terms of heavy scalability issues. At peak, they are moving massive, massive amounts of data, and have multi-terabits of data on file. High reliability, high speed networking, etc. All of this is their bread and butter. This would be a great company to spend time with.

They are also totally into what it means to be a next generation web company: try stuff, measure it, move quickly. They have built a lot of perl tools for understanding what people are really doing on their site, and they do a lot of experimentation. They try to release new features every day. Their original goal was 1 new feature a day; now they say they are up to 15 or 20. ”

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