how could you have guessed, listening to ‘ride the lightning’ in 9th grade that the world would
get so strange?

it is just me? do i smell a wiff of condescension?

“”We recognize that this is a very complicated issue with larger implications that our fans may not completely understand. We’ve always valued and respected our fans and wanted to discuss with them
directly why we have brought this suit and answer their questions and address their concerns directly.””

ntk has pointed to the irony in the latest lawsuits against napster:

So who had the worst week? Was it our Lord Jesus? Or was it NAPSTER, now caught in crossover court cases with Metallica *and* Dr Dre. Good to see someone whose early career was marked by a disrespect for authority and heavy reliance on sampled works (as well as a love for words ending with “z”)
taking out the Napsters with Attitude. And even better to see that, while heavy metal and rap still have artistic differences, they can unite under one ne attorney – LA’s Howard King, who is leading both court cases. And we’re sure that if the music industy mows Napster, Inc down in a legal bloodbath, absolutely no-one will step in to take over the server duties in an illegit manner. For that would be wrong.

[ image link via captain cursor | metallica text link via ars technica]

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