there has been an interesting series on national public radio regarding the results to of a technology survey commisioned by npr, the kaiser family foundation, and harvard’s kennedy school of government. while many results are not surprising – some are, including the fact that the so-called ‘digital-divide’ exists, but is not as severe as worst-case scenarios would suggest:

“While there has been much talk about the digital divide by race, we find that gaps between blacks and whites under age 60 are more pronounced in the home than at work. We also find they are more pronounced at lower-income levels than at higher-income levels. There is a gap of 11 percentage points between blacks and whites using computers at work (46% vs. 57%); but there is a larger, 22 point gap between blacks and whites who have a computer at home (51% vs. 73%). Similarly, a gap of 8 points exists between blacks and whites using the Internet at work (21% vs. 29%) compared with a larger 19 point gap in access to the Internet or e-mail at home (38% vs. 57%). Although there is a 17 percentage point gap in home-computer ownership between low-income blacks and low-income whites, the differences virtually disappear at upper-income levels.”

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