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it didn’t take long to figure out how to crack open stephen king’s ‘’. if a horrible interface wasn’t going to slow down adoption of e.books, this will.

in case it hasn’t become painfully apparent – i’ll reveal the extreme nature of my superdorkiness by proclaiming loudly and proudly that i find this interview with jeeves very funny. it also reminds me that alan turing would probably be quit impressed with the current state of the art. don’t forget to stop by and […]

despite the hyperbolic intro on the pbs website, code rush seems like it could compete well for the ‘what-to-do-tonight’ award. unfortunately, none of the pbs stations in the greater chicago or milwaukee areas appear to be interested in picking up the show.

salon is talking about napster and the ways that it may or may not change the music industry: “Over time, though, I think that a growing number of artists will question their own participation in a system that really doesn’t serve the great majority of them. They’ll begin to experiment with more direct sell-more-T-shirts approach […]

ouch. The Motley Fool is discussing red hat’s earnings and it looks like redhat’s valuation may be due for a correction: “Red Hat may be the leader among Linux providers, but it remains far from clear that the company can increase revenues substantially enough to justify its price. The company sports a $8.6 billion market […]

i’m on the fence about online bookmarks – the idea sounded useful, but apparently salon is not impressed with the current services. it’s interesting that the article states that savvy internet users have an average of 84 bookmarks. i guess i must be super-savvy, since i had 84 bookmarks in 1994 and they have grown […]

salon is running a piece on people that have been fired or had bad experiences from keeping online journals. undoubtably, as blogs and online diaries become more ubiquitous, so will the negative aspects of making your thoughts public.

well, i’m back from out-of-town and getting back into the blogging swing of things. while i was gone, it appears that salon ran an article on google and it’s use of the open directory. “As Harik explains it, the decision to go with Open Directory — just one player in a space that includes Yahoo, […]

first i get proof that my brain runs in the past – and now i have convincing evidence to explain that all-too-common blank feeling.

it’s really sad when an article from friday seems old and stale. one of the unintended consequences of mainting the family of sites, is that it’s making me “hypervigilant” of when stories come online – with anything over 12 hourse being past its prime. anyway, the article is yet another ‘mainstream’ reference to The […]

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